May 18, 2005

The Isolated Frog Syndrome

The Isolated Frog Syndrome

Before you start reading this text, let me make a disclaimer : I am not sure if the the term 'The Isolated Frog Syndrome' already exists in the English Vocabulary. If it exists then my most humble apologies to the author for inventing this 'beautiful' phrase - there was no intent of plagiarization over here...and I respect the IPRs of the author; However If the phrase does not already exist, then I do have the copyright(or left) of the usage of the word. However, for the sake of the general audience I have 'opened' the copyright so that you can use them in your day-2-day vocabs; But do give the credits to me for coining this rather 'funtastic' phrase which you will find tempting to use in various connotations.

Now coming to the actual phrase and wat it exactly means ...etc ..etc.........

My initial professional career in the IT Industry saw many ppl. I had the opportunity to work with the top brass.I learnt a lot of ppl management and 'handling' skills.It was during my stay here that I made an interesting observation. Let me share my revelations with you (am I sounding like the 'AGENT'...nway...) :

I found that the managers are essentially are of 2 kinds :

one who have the 'real' xperience - this they would have gained by working in various indutries and with a variegated working environment. They know the intricacies of the term 'management' and set a precedent by their style of functioning and working. They are leaders and managers in the true sense of the word.

The other class of 'managers' sprout from the relatively 'uncharted' waters of the industry...that is these are the managers that are homebred or homegrown. They would have become managers by due to the sheer 'lack' of compeitition in the firm, for which they have been serving since time-immemoorial.They have high visibility in the organization and can control(or rather 'handle') the resources with relative ease - due to their POWER.

The term 'The Isolated Frog Syndrome' denotes the second class of managers.The problem with this class of managers is that since they lack the vision of the outside world , they tend to feel and start practicing the traditions of the company; the irony here is that , it is in fact these ppl who set the traditions of the company. The result of this trend setting is that, if a fresher joins in this 'well'(the firm), then the 'frog'(who is our manager) directs him that the outside world is not what he thinks; in fact our frog doesnt even know wat is happening in the 'real' world. Due to this, if our buddy 'guest'(fresher) happens to question some of the rather idiosyncratic actions / behaviours of the frog, he is reprimanded and is reminded by the frog that he better confim to the culture of the firm(the well) and take the pride in being a part of this phenomenon.

But time has its own due course. One day our buddy(fresher), decides that he is going to have a taste of the outside world and going to seek 'nirvana' from the WELL.The WELL remains a mute spectator.