October 11, 2005

Ek Bunglaw bane naara!!!

Ek Bunglaw bane naara!!!

Greenery all around, with a streamling just next ...adjacent to my cottage...trinkling down the pebbles scattered around ..the water lillies and the lotuses floating on the small pond (not artificial..but pristine creation by Mother Nature)..occassional sights of a kingfisher lurking on one of the tree-brnches, ready to prey on the beautiful fishes in 'my' pond...a classic wind-mill in my farm...etcetra...etcetra; wish all this was real !!!

I have always marvelled creations-- whethere these were man-made or natural.Designs have always fascinated me; designing buildings/structures and interior decoration always has a charm.

All these hidden feelings sprouted in the Go-Plus program that was conducted by my Oraganization a couple of months back.. (Go-Plus is like an induction program where newbies in Oracle are taught the 10 Oracle Values..nwayz shall expatiate more on this in teh succeeding blogs).....well we were given a single piece of flimsy paper and were asked to construct a structure-- a typical "home"...my architectural genes were active enough and i did manage to build a small structure...the structured was awesome...and i was awarded the Mr.Architect title for my 'creation'... [ award = cadbury's Perk ...sob ..sob ] B-)

And this was the group structure that were asked to raise.On this occassion, we were given a couple of accessories like toothpicks (no glue/ tapes) and were asked to do the same--thats raise a structure.I aksed my team members to go and collect twigs so that we could 'attach' the individual structures.[ Other teams managed to get the glue and the tapes from the Hotel reception)...nwayz the structure looked like a ____ ...better u can name it for urselves...hehehhe