November 27, 2006

Hampi - The World's Largest Open Air Museum

Of the bananas and the boulders..
Of the Bajjis and the bricks...

Cycled around 40-50 kms...walked 5-6kms...supra-fantabulous it was!

The trail:
Day - 1
Hampi Bus Stand
Virupaksha Temple

Prasanna Virupaksha (Underground Siva) Temple

Hazara-Rama Temple


Lotus Mahal

Elephant Stables

Guard's Palace Quarters


Stepped Public Bath

Queen's Bath

Lunch @ Kamalapur

Jain Temple

Vithala Temple

Day - 2
Kadalekalu Ganesha
Vithala Temple (again!)
Kings' Balance

Krishna Temple(Slept here for an hour)

Narasimha Temple

Badavilinga Temple

A cycle-ride from Badavilinga till the road that connects to Vithala Temple(approx 20kms to-&-fro)
Sasuvekalu Ganesha
Sunset over Hemakuta Hills

Am just back from a 2 day visit to Hampi -- do visit this space later to read our awesome experiences and some great pics!

Prasanna Virupaksha (Underground Siva) Temple