April 20, 2006

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I have stopped blogging as I am quite busy with the operations of an NGO and my Quizzing venture : Gyaan.in.

April 01, 2006

Blurp! (Part - II )

## Are humans(esp men) SLRs? (SLR - Self Loading Rifles)

## If Imraan Hashmi happens to be "Serial Kisser" , Then who is "Parallel Kisser"?? -- (Ravana!!)

## Rock Bottom = Hard Ass

## why dont birds fly backwards ? (then will backwards remain?)

## Triangulated by the circular motion of the square.

## Essentiality does preclude me

## My ignorance amuses me...and will continue to amuse me.

An end to remember

This was a poem written by my pal (Kashyap) sometime back. FULL CREDITS TO HIM.

Death by sleight of the hand
death coming as a marching band
seething foaming at the mouth
marching on, marching south

as civilizations crumble
their march ended in a stumble
filled with destruction and loss
they fall to the call of chaos

one by one they all fell
we now stand at the gates of hell
death comes to hold our hand
death and it's merry marching band

break not your stride my men
let us march into the lion's den
break not your stride and fall
though all the heavens may call

heaven knows our time will come
and ash and dust we will become
but until then we will march on
to meet our doom, till we are gone

our world too will fall at last
to the lightnings the heavens cast
but until then we must hold
the last of the strong and the bold

our woes will come and we will fall
and raging fires will consume us all
but stand and burn we will and must
burn until we are all ash and dust

blood and fire will wash us all
as we go to the mother's call
to return whence we came
and none remember what became

of those who dared to stand and face
the horrors that befell our race
though none may know your name
nor mine, our race will share our fame

our work man one day will find
the ruins which we have left behind
and wonder who we had been
what these strange words could mean

but that day will not be today
so tarry not, lets be on our way
to face the coming tide of death
as long as there is one more breath

the end is coming, know it all
be it today or not we will fall
we will make an end to remember
from now on to the end of forever

and all will know of the time we fell
those from a time when all was well
facing the certainity of their doom
who stood to try defy their nation's tomb

IIMB GD/PI Experience

Firstly...apologies for the sms english in the following post.I am feeling tooo lazy to post the entire set of Q&As...

Secondly, after my IIML GD/PI oon feb 22, 2006 i had decided that i would prepare die-hard for IIMB and would leave no stone unturned. My plan was to dedicate the last week of Feb for acads and the entire March for going through the History of IT industry - i had charted out a neat plan to go through all the Business Journals, Mckinsey reports and other quaterlies.

But alas...here i was without having touched a bit about anything...just took bath in the morning and power-groomed once again and headed towards IIMB.

I had my IIMB int at 9 @ IIMB on 30-March-06.
6 ppl supposed to be in the group.
Well...the profs came at arnd 9:05 and he asked us to wait for the 6th person..we waited for a couple of mins and then the process started without that 6th person ;-).

GD: 6 ppl supposedly in the group, 1 did not turn up.1 preferred not to speak during the course of the GD....resulting in practically 4 members...and u can think of the discussions that could have happened. A case was given about an acquisition move and ......etc etc.It was peace.

We were given 10mins to think. Eventhough the profs said that we would be given 15 mins to discuss, i guess the GD would have hardly lasted for 8-10 mins. then we summarised the GD in the paper given. Kindly note that even though the paper contains lots of lines(30-40), i would have written around 12-15 lines -- splitting them across into 3 paras.

I was the fourth person to be called in. The previous 3 who came out said that they were properly screwed and it was a FULL STRESS INTERVIEW.I was least bothered and kept my kewl. I knew that INTERVIEWS ARE ALWAYS FUN and ITS UPTO THE INDIVIDUAL TO TERM IT AS A STRESS INTERVIEW OR NOT.

well...here it goes:
2 profs : P1 and P2 and solitary ME!

P1:Kindly take your seat
P2:You seem to have got an exceptionally great % in you 12th and it seems that it has remarkably drpped in ur grad.
[actually, i haev got 95% in 12th and 88%in BE - am not sure how its low, the eval schemes differ!!!]
P1:what hhave you culivated extra during the course?
Me:Sir, you mean hobbies and interests in addition to the course?
Me: I quiz and love watching advertisements.Initially i just used to watch advertisements , but offlate i have started understanding the nuances associated with them. But., i want to know more and am trying to go the depths of it.
P2: Why you need advertisements? whats thier purpose?
P1: what is the difference between Directive Principle and Fundamental right?
Me: I dont know the exact differnece Sir, but i would like to take a guess<>
P1:Capital of Tazhakistan
Me:I Dont Know, Sir
Me:I Dont Know, Sir
Me:I Dont Know, Sir
P1:Where are the Aravali ranges?
Me:Somweher near Madhya Pradeh :-(
P1: If you dont know say that yu dont know...dont guess
Me:Dont Know
P1:When did Britishers come to India
P1:what was the significant move taken by them once they arrived here?
Me: they imposed lagaan, that is taxes.
P1: Heard of Permenant Settlement?
Me: Sir, you mean Permenant Settlement Act?
P1:Yes, If you dont know, tell that you dont know- but dont give me a wrong answer.
Me: I Dont know sir.

a few mins on my Bplan....answered all the Qs with CORRECT answers :-)

some more Qs showered by P2 for which i answered:

P2:Which were the OODBs?
P2:Give me the first 2 OODBs.
P2:Name 2 Open Source Databases.
P2:What was the tussle between Oracle and MySQl recently that was in news?
P1: Is this your 2nd or 3rd attempt?
Me: This is my First.

Whoa!!! IT WAS FUN. :-)

I wanted the panel to talk about:
(1) Quizzing
(2) Advertisements
(3) My Bplan and
(4) Some fundae w.r.t Oracle
and the panel asked me what all i wanted...though there were lots of other Qs in addition to the solicited ones. I would say it was a decent interview , but cant guess my chances of getting through - but God Willing , i should be IN!

Lots to learn. Am gonna start reading Indian Independence Struggle.