March 23, 2006

a lil' busy

shall be back to form from April-1.

Found the following gyaan from one of my friend's signatures:

"Labels seem to give satisfaction. We accept the category to which we are supposed to belong as a satisfying explanation of life. We are worshippers of words and labels; we never seem to go beyond the symbol, to comprehend the worth of the symbol. By calling ourselves this or that, we ensure ourselves against further disturbance, and settle back. One of the curses of ideologies and organized beliefs is the comfort, the deadly gratification they offer." -- Jiddu Krishnamurti

Note : gyaan =knowledge

March 16, 2006

What more do i say?

Progressive Searches

After I coined the phrase "Isolated Frog Syndrome", probably this is the next nomenclature introduced by me, though the former is more concerned with the Interpersonal relationships in an organization and the correponding observations at some mangerial levels, the latter is more concerened with the technical aspects of searches.

In Google SearchBox, when you type in a search phrase, a count of the availble results that might be fetched is displayed in the drop down list. Numerous search enthusiasts have concluded that the number of duplicates is large in the count that is specified.

When one visits Clusty and does a search , the searches are categorized into various heading(termed 'Categories' or 'Dimensions'), and a count is specified next to the Categories; when the user clicks on a Category only that many number of hits are displayed. I find this to be a serious flaw, in the sense that we are not making use of the available search facility , and this prompted me to coin Progressive searches.

Probably, when the user clicks on the Dimensions/Categories, a subsequent search should be initiated which can fetch more results than the count that is originally specified.One may argue that this can confuse the user, as he/she is going to see more results than the count that is originally specified in the previous page, but technically speaking, if the user knows that the Search Engine supports a functionality of Progressive Searches , then he doesnt have to worry about the counts not matching. The Subsequent search while peroforming a progressive search will not fetch results less than the count that is specified.

March 12, 2006

Mental Borborygmi - Is it the Air that I breathe?

It was one of those mornings again.....i woke up to see myself sleeping again.

The usual Qs kept hovering in my mind, trying to titillate me and sometimes make me go deep into the uncharted waters of human emotions and associated reactions.

What am I doing? Am I doing something that I shouldnt be doing? Am i doing justice to myself and to what I have learnt? Am I following the herd? WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?? more Qs...and still more Qs...

I was speaking about these to my pal Shravan about a couple of days back; whether are we really following our dreams or are we succumbing to external pressures and constraints.Is it necessary that people who have left their mark in History necessary be outlaws - out of the heard - revolutionaries? cant a common-man do something really simple and get accolades? Is the world too busy with appreciating wierd and idiosyncratic behaviours that it fails to admire and appreciate the nitty-gritties of life?"

He replied back saying that "this is the Matrix dud- enter it". But is this really the Matrix and is it really getting me in? Am i ready to enter the Real World? Am I presently in the Real World? Where is the Matrix?

I do want to make the keys; to open the locked and dusty rooms - to make myself free.

When i am blogging this , my pal shravan pings me this Q:
Shravan : what does an dyslexic agnostic and insomniac always do?
Shravan : he stays up all night, worrying about whether there really is a dog :-)

March 11, 2006

10 ways in which Earth can meet its END

some more Blurps...

(1) A giant meteor strikes Earth and causes a Giant Ripple -- and phusssssh...Earth is gone..
(2) Cluster of Meteorites strike Earth
(3) An alien ship [ CDS 666 - Complete Destruction Ship] enters our atmosphere and strikes a Death ray..r something like Independance Day.
(4) .....
(5) ........
(6) ...............
(7) Aish marries Bappi Lahiri
(8) Commies of the World get united
(9) Someone farts real badly and atmosphere is filled with deadly gas and someone then switches ON the gas-stove-- and boooooooooooooooooomb - Earth is reduced to ashes!
(10) TR, Ramarajan, Captain act in a movie and it gets an Oscar (along with Satyaraj, Sarath Kumar, Namita et al).

"Asatho ma sad gamaya - tamaso ma jyotirgamaya" [simply put --> Enter light..Exit Night]



I could see the blood oozing from his eyes...slowly trickling along his cheeks and dripping on the marble floor. [ I could see the red-blood flowing as if , it was trying to give moksha to all the beings along its course - as if this was the great Ganges invoked by the King Bhagirat, flowing down from Gangotri...all the way through and bisecting India and finally merging with the bay-of-Bengal becoming Padma! ] There was the the .3mm pistol and the kalashnikov lying to the right of him, on the bench. An unopened-sealed TIME magazine dating back to the Feb-1980s was to his left , on the floor. There was general Pinochet's potrait hanging on the wall to the right of him - the potrait was beautifully studded with Indian Gems and diamonds.

March 07, 2006

I Dream

These days i hardly sleep for 5-6 hours. In fact, in the last 5-6 years I can hardly recollect of instances where wherein I had slept for more than 10 hours. Things keep happening at my end. First it was the board exams during 10th standard, then it was the IIT prep during 11th and again Boards during 12th. College days were filled with Symposiums ; was for most of the time either preparing for my exams/assignments or was researching on my UG projects and International Conferences. I was thrown into the IT Industry and have been quite busy with my coding endeavours here too. The last 5-6 months were again a roller-coster ride- with prep for CAT and again for GD/PI. I have to know each and every significant event happening around the world.

But, have all these years sucked out my juice??? Have i lost anything? Am i repenting on what i have done or what i want to do??

As I lookback(which i dont do generally), I see that i have judiciously used each and every moment in my life. All my decisions have been correct. I AM NOT REPENTING ON WHAT I HAVE DONE OR WHAT I SHOULD HAVE DONE. When i see my palz telling me that they should have done something else, I am really confused. The human mind does have the power to make conscious decisions, then why is that some people keep cribbing about things that happened/or are about to happen?

We do have a control as to what we do and what we want to do.The present does not have a meaning if we are unaware of the aura surrounding us. [ Defn Aura :A distinctive but intangible quality surrounding a person or thing; An indication of radiant light drawn around the head of a saint. ] Every person has a aura surrounding him/her.It is for us to dig the qualities within us and make it appear to the world.

I hear people saying "machii...the grass is always green on the other side da".

#1 Arent we watering our grass?
#2 Is the grass really green on the other side or is it illusion?
#3 Are we failing to see the greener-grass on our side?

March 04, 2006

My Rendezvous with Bangalore Roads

Yesterday was the first time that i hit the B'lore roads in a bike(Honda Activa).Due credits should be given to one of my colleagues who happened to leave for vacation and wanted me to 'take' of the bike. Hence, I was thrust upon the responsibility of taking 'care' of the bike.As always with great powers, comes great responsibilities - and i did take care of the bike by taking it out on a 23+km ride.

I had to attend the ET Brand Equity Quiz at 6pm and had to go from Dairy Circle to Chowdaiah Hall(near Sankey Road). I got a flavour of how 'bad'the roads are.My pillion rider(Punit) was my navigator , as I was totally illiterate about the maze-of-roads in Bangalore. I must say the roads are 'decorated' with pothholes and bumps. You hit upon unexpected speed-breakers and hitler's trenches(yet to fing the bunkers).There was a particular speed-breaker that had a 'trench' in it.Punit got a big-shot in his ass :-).But, not all roads are bad - a particular stretch near MG road is good; but i feel due to the prescence of the army cantonment near by and the other offices, the Govt cant afford to ignore its state.(I miss chennai roads[esp ECR] and the beasant nagar beach like hell)

I was totally flabbergasted on my return 'journey'. The roads were completely different and i could hardly understand the topography of the region.The funda behind 'One-ways' amuses me a lot.

I do not have a digi-cam or a cam in my phone, or else i would have photo-blogged this experience.

I am quite optimistic about the new Govt's policies and am looking forward to a better looking Bangalore with much better roads.

Aptly, Bangalore : Beware - "Dangerous Curves Ahead" (no pun intended)!