December 27, 2006

Belur + Halebeedu + Shravanabelagola

Starring : Myself, Reem
Start Time :
17:00 hours,24th December 2006, Sunday

End Time :
18:30 hours, 25th
December 2006, Monday

Watch out this space for the pics and the tour details.

Belur to Halebeedu =22 INR
Auto in Halebeedu to visit 2 temples(Jain basadis) = 40 INR
Halebeedu to Hassan = 14 INR
Hassan to Channarayapatna = 20 INR
Channarayapatna to Sharavanabelagola = 8 INR
Sharavanabelagola to Channarayapatna = 7 INR
Channarayapatna to Bangalore = 74 INR
Bangalore Bus Stand to Home(Auto) = 130 INR (double meter!!!)
Chappal+bags store @ Halebeedu = 6 INR
Chappal+bags store @ Sharavanabelagola = 12 INR

Accomodation in Belur
Double Bed = 200 INR
Single Bed = 150 INR

December 26, 2006

Ombattu Gudde - A very fine trek

"If things have to get screwed, then they will - but its the determination and the will that will fight against the odds and conquer the impossible"

Am back from a 2 day trek to Ombattu Gudde.

Starring :
Myself, Reem, Shantanu, Roti

Start Time :
23:00 hours,22nd December 2006, Friday

End Time :
15:30 hours,24th
December 2006, Sunday
Trek distance :
Approx 30kms

Watch out this space for the Trek details and pics.


It was a long weekend of Christmas and a group of trekkers decided to summit OG. After the initial hiccups in getting the tickets for Gundiya CheckPost, yours truly finally managed to get tickets for all 4 in a private bus.[What would otherwise cost 150INR/head costed us 250INR/head..and hence clearly overshooting our shoe-string budget]

Reached Gundiya CheckPost at around 6:30am. We did not have any breakfast/tea at the CheckPost, as we had enough ration for 2-3 days and had decided that we would break for brunch at around 9-10am near Sangama (the first river to be crossed).We took the right turn near the bridge and continued ; halted near the river for 15mins to brush our teeth and had a dose of chocolates(that Reem had got for us from Dubai).

We continued from there, crossing minor streamlets. Leeches continued to torment us. We continued and reached Sangama at 10am. Took a long break of around 1hour 15mins - relaxed in the clear water and finished the morning chores , had a light breakfast and continued our trek.After around 12 pm, the terrain was dry and there were hardly any signs of leeches.

To be included:
-- the continuous 4 hrs ascent
-- camping on the hill-by the side of OG
-- the 1 hour ascent to the tallest peak of OG
-- water!!

Bangalore to Gundiya CheckPost = 250 INR
Hosekere to Mudigere = 14 INR
Mudigere to Hassan = 35 INR

December 16, 2006

Evening at Lalbagh

Myself and Arvind had been to Lalbagh last weekend. The plan was to go there by around 4pm and take some snaps of the flowers and the sunset. Arvind informed me that there was a flower-show happening and we could take some great snaps. We reached Lalbagh at around 5 (after crusading with the traffic) and finally found out that there was no flower-show but a jatre(a show) was under-progress.

Took some pics of the sunset.....