August 17, 2006

Google Again!

Been sometime since i researched on Google. My Last Post on Google was the review of the 'The Google Story' that i had read. Its been sometime(almost 2-3months) since i have touched the newpapers or online news portals.

However, I stumbled upon a Google bug today (similar to one that i had found sometime back) . I am not sure whether this is a desired functionality as envisaged by the Google Search Result Page Desgin architect(or whatever they are called as) :

Try searchig for a term from the quick search bar from the Firefox browser(provided you have a Google engine installed). The search result page will be displayed, but the mechnism to go to the successive result page seems to be lacking - that is the numbers that lead you to more pages. Have a look at the difference in the results generated from the Firefox Google Search Engine and the Google Toolbar installed in IE.

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