September 03, 2006

Death Predictor

Now this is something that kept me LoLing for atleast 10-15 mins. I have come across the Death Calculator and could at least understand the 'random' number generator funda behind it; but this is just the heights of it. This link tells you "How will you Die'!!! Note : the 'How' factor and not the 'When' factor :)

Venkatraman.S: At age 75 you will die from an equipment malfunction in an exciting, fear based reality game show. Your death will receive the highest ratings of any episode of any reality show, ever.

Check out the last few words, does it mean that i will be a great celebrity then !! or just some menial being's death has been exaggerrated by the media/press.
[ Dont waste your precious grey cells pondering this ]
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