January 20, 2011

Firefox 4 around the corner

Mozilla announced that the latest Firefox 4 Beta browser is ready for beta release and users can download it and check out the cool features that are being introduced in this version. New features like App Tabs and  Panorama are going to make the web navigation more easier and efficient; the team has  introduced many  new features under the hood  which will result in faster page loads and also a speedier startup.

Not only for the layman, but even the developers can take advantage of the HTML5 features to make the web more engaging - features like WebM , HD video, 3D graphic rendering with WebGL, hardware acceleration and the Mozilla Audio API can be used to create more interesting applications. A full overview of the featureset can be found here.

Looks like other browsers like Internet Explorer and Chrome have to really innovate and keep up the momentum to match with Mozilla's Firefox.

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