February 14, 2011

The Fighter

The life presents many challenges in various different forms, but comes along with it many opportunities, skills and the energy to tackle them. Some use that energy to fight against all odds and make a mark for themselves; a few want to fight, but do not know how to proceed or use that energy and a few don't even bother to learn and make an impact. "The Fighter" , movie starring Christian Bale and  Mark Wahlberg, is not about a man's fight, its something more than that. It shows how a family collectively can come together and make an impact in ONE man's life - the family, though is a bunch of individuals each with their own identity and characteristic qualities. Man is a social animal. All societal structures promote this cause - though agree that some structures do get tarnished due to the mutual bigotry and dogmatic views. In the longer run, its always the collective which wins over the individual.

The plot is nothing new and the sequence of events are pretty much predictable, but what stands out is the performance by the actors which lends a charismatic charm to soul underneath the skin. The remarkable aspect about Christian Bale in this role is that he performs it with such ease - he performs 'automatically' - you dont see him 'try' for being a character; it looks as if the character moulds into Mr.Bale. We had seen him in The Dark Knight where he had to face the tantrums of the Joker - the various emotional challenges set forth by The Joker, and in The Fighter he does it again.

Watch "The Fighter" if you like boxing - the upper cuts, the jabs etc, but also watch it if you want to see how family and friends are mandatory for a person's survival.

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