October 26, 2012


Its time for change! And I am planning to move this blog and rebrand it.

I started this blog way back in 2004-2005 and since then the layout has been pretty much the same and so has been the title. The blog name of 'blizzardzblogs' came from my then preferred nick(handle) of 'blizzardz' which i did not much often use. And also the title 'Origin>Identity>Destiny' was something that was coined by my inclination towards philosophy and the all associated things.

But, i think its time for a change and fill in this blog with some energy which actually connotes 'Me' and carries the flavour of what i want from my life - namely, 'adrenaline'.

All the posts etc will remain as-is, and i am just going to change the blog link to something else. So, the link of http://blizzardzblogs.blogspot.com will no longer be available. And i am not sure whether this will break the GReader subscriptions too if you are reading this on your Google Reader.

Tune back into my profile link or hit http://about.me/venkasub after sometime for the updated blog link.

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