February 18, 2013

World Face

[This post is written with no intention to harm anybody or hurt anyone's feelings. So before you arrest me or any of my pals who might end up 'liking' this post, or do any kind of harm to me or to them, do watch the movie and am sure you will cry with us.]

I was not given any pills - no red or blue pills - i had to watch it. No other go. The same way i ended up watching Argo as the first in the sequence of movies during my back-breaking and mind-numbing Singapore Airlines flight and ended up cursing those who nominate garbage for Oscars.

But before we go onto the characters, few important observations:
1. It is easy to infiltrate into al-Qaeda.
2. W.r.t #1, it is easy for a RAW agent to infiltrate, than any MI6, FBI or both combined.
3. If you are a new recruit in al-Qaeda, it is easy to spot OsamaBinLaden, for your manager will soon take you to him to get acquainted with the top leaders; similar to what happens in corporates these days.
4. Americans, despite their stringent full-body security checks at airports, still do not know that even pigeons can cause havoc in a city like NY.
5. When someone asks you about a certain element, it is necessary for you to puke out their atomic number and mass; without this we wouldn't know that you are a PhD.
6. Faraday needs a shield, for sure, preferably a microwave oven.
  ........do you really want more?

We have just lost cabin pressure!

Kamal calls this 'art'? Seriously? You mean, someone crunching out atomic number and weights of Cesium is Art? Pooja Kumar is art? Granted that she has nice eyes and all, but why make the mistake of making her open her mouth and top that of with some really bad dubbing. Senthil's voice sounds better in comparison, and his jokes are atleast worthy of a laugh.

And that Nallavara-Kettavara dialogue?  "I felt like putting a bullet between the eyes of every Panda that wouldn't screw to save its species. I wanted to open the dump valves on oil tankers and smother all the French beaches I'd never see. I wanted to breathe smoke. "

And why did you make Andrea stand there? Did you want to make that FBI lady agent look fat in comparison and talk about her 'smart-ass'? I am still trying to figure out her role in the movie.

Shekhar Kapur? Seriously? Is he becoming the Shashi Tharoor of Indian Cinema?

And finally Rahul Bose. Our media has started hailing that "Bollywood struggles to defy cliched portrayals of Muslim characters"; and there are people who are antagonized. I fail to fathom that when Palakkad Tamils are not objecting to the dreadful tamil being used, does this really matter? I would have expected the likes of atleast Vali, Vairamuthu to object to the Tamil being used.

Remember: Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.

The last few scenes of Kamal lying with the actresses under those black sheets with the voice over - true genius! I was glad that the scenes in the movie did not last more than a few seconds but I am curious as to what Pooja Kumar would blurt out during those moments. It was as if Tyler Durden had included those magical moments(changeover) himselves.

And travails did not stop there. Even when i wanted to watch table tennis videos on Youtube to recover from the numbness, the darn recommendation engine prompted me to watch The Making of the movie.

If someone tells you that tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of your life after watching this movie and your breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever tasted, then keep your kevlar studded punching gloves ready. I facepalmed so many times during and after the movie that now my palm has an oblique reference to my face and there are symptoms of my face resembling my fingers. The transposition will be complete soon i presume, if i do not recover by some temporary catharsis.

Now i know you are all eager to watch this movie, so i give you this[1] and this[2] too, if not Part-Two.
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