April 12, 2014

Quick Analysis of 2014 Indian Election Manifestos

BJP Manifesto
- 'Development'(77), Government(65) and Technology(54) are the Top-3 words 
- 'Muslim', 'Hindu' appear exactly once; and there is no direct reference to 'Hindutva'
- Loads of emphasis on technology(for eg. broadband, internet, computer etc) to implement suitable measures.
- 42 Pages,16892 Words
- my Note : Thanks to the publishers as it was easy to get the txt from the PDF.

AAP Manifesto
- Government(39), Education(37) and Security(34) are the Top-3 words 
- ''Muslim' appears 14 times; Hindu' appears exactly once.
- No clear emphasis on any theme.
- 24 Pages, 9806 Words
- my Note : Please publish your content in such a way that it can be consumed. Cannot extract txt from the pdf.
Word Cloud of BJP 2014 Manifesto

Word Cloud of AAP 2014 Manifesto

Word Count of some of the top issues in the respective party manifestos


Nidhin Olikara said...

Interesting analysis. Try doing the same with Congress and other parties too.
-N. Olikara

Anonymous said...

Gud analysis.. Its simple n straight