February 19, 2018

Losing my Identity

I type this as I fly above the Tyrrhenian sea, between Naples(Italy) & Porto(Portugal). The blueness of the skies and the ocean below are only separated by the thin clouds that are in suspended animation. The horizon is almost non-existent. The perfect uniformity outside the airplane is only broken by the mental reverberations and gyrations that causes it's own mini typhoons. 

Why does karma always work? All fame, riches or relationships that have been gained by the wrong means is always lost. Not once has ever anyone lived to see the personal zenith one would aspire to with such means. As an engineer, and more importantly as a rational person, this is beyond my cognition or reasoning. The non-quantitative aspects of such an unscientific phenomenon are beyond the scientific rigour of any laboratory.

Karma, beyond religions, has always worked; constantly churning it’s own predicaments and influencing life. Karma doesn't see gender, age or economic status but affects one and all. Despite all this humans go down paths or prefer choices that are detrimental to their own well-being or their loved ones.

Can a choice that looks right in the short term, be wrong in the long term? Does that mean that morality is based on the time window that it operates on? 

But what's right and what's wrong? Things look right or wrong only in retrospect. Laws cannot define such a clear boundary. Laws change as societies change. What was illegal a few years back will be legal in no time. So, laws do not give us the best scale for personal laws, nor do they establish the right precedence for morality. What is morality?

Why morality? Why does a society need moral laws? Why should kids be taught morals when they are in school? Does morality also change with the passage of time? A kid who has grown with thieves and cheats will know nothing else but to steal and cheat. In that case, there is no blame on the child but that of the context that the child grew under.  The apocryphal laws only disappoint me.

A man attaches himself to something only when he feels that the object under consideration is going to satisfy him and is going to fulfil his ambitions and dreams. According to him, this will lead him to his goal and will help him realize all his wants and desires; and probably the ability to differentiate between the two. He also perceives his association with an object as a means of furthering his own interests.

The belief that we possess the necessary intellectual wherewithal and the continuous commitment and efforts that he/she puts forth towards achieving the same is one of the fundamental powers that we human beings have.

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