March 30, 2005

Ponderings (Part - 1)...

This is my second blog in a day...goes to show the height of joblessness...or should I say the "intellectual prowess" that is going to sprout in another intriguing piece of freely flowing text.....whetever the reader is the winner, as he is going to understand and decipher the complex processes that do exist in this world( I dont blieve in self appraisals !!!).

Trying to comprehend the most unfathomable processes has been one of man's desires; with his curiosity, often resulting in an invention or discovery that again results in another round of arguments / proofs / corollaries etc.....the viscious circle continues, with one invention trying to outsmart another. Right from the early days of the stone age to the modern IT age (or the information/knowledge age as it known), the quest for knowledge and more knowledge continues. With this hunger has come the desire to vanquish all the obstacles that has come in his way, without worrying about the possible cons that might have a deleterious affect one day.

I have often tried to excogotate on some of the phenomenons that have caused a turn around in the course that the modern man taken.

In the forthcomings blogs I will try to understand these complex thought processes; the way these sprout, nourish, develop, affect others, and finally fade into this colossal universe along with other processes.

PS : i luv the term - "THOUGHT PROCESS" - probably this is going to be the name of the firm that i am going to start..Thought Process Inc......hehehe!!!
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