December 01, 2005

Nirvana(int Geometry, Char Calvin_Hobbes)

I embarked on a long journey today.I could not see my goal; for i guess it was this inability to see/obeserve my destination that led me to believe that i had ventured into a long journey (strange emotions!).I have always dreamt about the other side of this life - not the philosophy of it but rather what it really means to an otherwise lone being like me who has been thrushed into to experience the harsh realities of life.

I believe there are only 2 things on this Planet Earth that can lead me to attain the unattainable Nirvana...those are :
(1) Geometry and
(2) Calvin & Hobbes

I know that these parameters of me attaining Nirvana are in no way related , but I have a strong inclination towards em and a have an unassialable belief in these being my by my side till my last moment.

I always used to love Geometry and Inorganic Chemistry right from my school days. Mathematics was a subject that i have always been comfortable with. It was the tormentuous moment during my 2nd standard (when i got 2/50 in mathematics) that led me understand the funda behind this phenomennon(called Maths).And after that it has been a cruise.The mysetry behind complex shapes and figurine(!!!) configurations fascinated me.

Calvin has been a phenomennon that was introduced into my life during my first year in college. I was introduced to this character by our National Newspaper - The Hindu..
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