November 25, 2005

CAT05 - it came and went ; but I survived (Veni-Vidi-Vici)

Its been almost a week since the phenomenon called CAT occurred. A lot was hyped and fancied w.r.t this examination, which had a notorious history of posing tonnes of mystical surprises and flabbergasting the fellow student. I was one of those "fellows" who took the examination.Though almost all of the coaching instis in their post-CAT analysis claimed CAT-05 to be exceptionally tough and almost unsolvable for an otherwise mediocre canditate, a careful analysis of the paper will "claim" that this paper was indeed solvable and a poised caditate will easily score 12+ in each of the sections.What mattered was the composure/temperamant that the canditate carries before & during the examination.

I entered the examinatio hall after having around 1.5 sticks of 5-Star choc --i beleived it to be my 'amrit' and had a strong inclination that it was the lone eatable on this planet earth that could stimulate my grey cells and help the adrenaline gush thru my body.

I did get a bit nervous during the initial 2-3 mins(i dunno y!!), but later vanished(jaise aaya tha...vaise hi gaya).I went on...cracking all the probs that came in my way...but ensuring the accuracy.

came back home ...ate..slept...TV...saw the preliminary analysis of the Paper in TIME's website...knew that my performance in QA and DI was good and above average, btu VA was troubling me. final scores look as follows:
QA =14.33 , DI =16, VA =16-18 ; Total=46-48

Hope things go on fine.4 weeks more for the IIMs to announce the %les and give the calls.
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