January 17, 2006

My Tryst with "Literature"

I started writing a Sci-fi thriller some months back , but later on scrapped off the idea as i am too busy these days with too many commitments. Though i did not pen down much in the past few months, but feel it is worth the effort and publish it in my blog so that my readers get a feel of my literary ponderings ;-)

"George a.k.a TMR-1(Temporary Mobile Robot) was sitting on a small bench in the shallow waters of the Tokuhama beach. Tokuhama was one of the few beaches left untouched in the island of Treomb. He could see the sun setting against a crimson backdrop, it was as if Mother Nature was putting an end to this act - this act of rising and closing the curtains....He could hear the chriping of the sea-birds....returning to their nests.Somewhere he could see a crab trying to dig a small trench for himself , to guard him against the dark night and against the nocturnal creatures.A lone albatross was flying against this backdrop of 'curtains', on the hunt.George had come out for his diurnal recharge - he used to come out into the sun at 1200 hours daily to recharge his NickelCadmium Batteries and used to go back again into his routine again at 1800 hours.He needed this 6 hours of recharge to keep him going.His sister Navomy a.k.a FSR3U did not need this recharge as she was ....................................."

to be completed...but am not gonna complete :-|

i am planning to write something serious and related in someway to the present corporate scenario worlwide and relate a common person(layman) to these events - it should be a literary roller-coster.
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