May 15, 2014

Elections - Lok Sabha 2014 Analysis : Criminal Cases

Total Number of Candidates : 8234

Number of Candidates with Criminal Cases : 1398
Assets Held by Candidates with Criminal Cases 

Rs. 10,734 crores

Number of Convicted Candidates : 29

Assets Held by Convicted Candidates : 

Rs. 112 crores

Top-10 Candidates with cases against them (party and education mentioned along)

Cases vs Party
Clean and Accused Candidates in Parties

Percentage of Candidates who have cases Pending against them across Parties

Convicted Cases across Parties

Top-10 States with maximum number of Cases
Top Constituencies with Max Cases (Kanyakumari and Thuthukudi, which are the top-2(with 350+ cases) - candidates belonging to AAP, have been removed for easier readability)

Cases vs Education of Candidates

Gender and Age vs Cases

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