May 31, 2014

Visualizing - Executed Offenders in Texas

I happened to stumble on this thread in HN, which was trending. The thread is on executed offenders in Texas since 1982. It has totally 515 persons in its list and the sheer number of people in the last few decades was what surprised me, and that too in a single US state. My personal interest in tracking crime in India(viz coming soon) led me to do a quick analysis of this data and some of the numbers were interesting(not to mention 515 in itself!).

Note that this is purely an experimental visualization and my intentions are not to play with the numbers of the dead. Also, I would highly recommend the readers of this post to read the comments in the original thread at HN to get some very interesting view points.

Now off to some charts...I hope all of them are self-explanatory and do not need any commentary.

Number of people executed in the Age Group

People Executed by Year

Top-10 Counties with maximum executions

Tag Cloud of the Last Names of the executed people

Executions by Race (Note : I do not know why the data contained this facet!)

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