May 18, 2006

Google and BETA's

( This post is a follow-up to the previous post on Google , wherein i had serious doubts on the way the organization is making inroads into all the Internet-Based-Services)

I did a small sample survey of the existing Google Products/Services (List is here) and came up with the following observation :

Search Products
Alerts : BETA
Blog Search : BETA
Book Search : BETA
Catalogs : BETA
Desktop : BETA
Finance : BETA
Froogle : BETA
Scholar : BETA
Video : BETA
Images : NOT A BETA
Google Maps : NOT A BETA
Directory : NOT A BETA
Earth : NOT A BETA
Specialized Searches : NOT A BETA
Toolbar : NOT A BETA
Web Search : NOT A BETA ( Thats a Great News !!)

Explore and innovate
Co-op : BETA

Communicate, show & share
Calendar : BETA
Gmail : BETA
Groups : BETA
Talk : BETA
Picasa : NOT A BETA
Translate : NOT A BETA
Blogger : NOT A BETA

Go mobile
Maps for mobile : BETA
Mobile : BETA

Download the latest software
Pack : BETA

From the Google's Search Products Stables (which is the organization's forte ):
Number of Betas : 9
Number of non-Betas : 8

Most of those products that are "Not in Beta" have come up from the organizations that Google has bought over the past couple of year. Examples include - Picasa, Earth and Blogger. Writely is in the pipeline :-)

All Products:
Number of Betas : 18
Number of non-Betas : 11
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