May 17, 2006

Google -- Where is it heading to????

We have seen this org grow from a measely Stan project to a Search-Engine Giant in a span of little over 8 years. Google's market-cap has increased by leaps and bounds and is far ahead of the rivals Yahoo,Ask and MSN. MSN's AdCenter or Yahoo's so-called 'enhanced-ad-placement services' have not affected this Giant. Danny Sullivan, the editor of Search Engine Watch (the website is a lot cluttered - hence ahem!!), still ranks Google as Numero-Uno.

But, as this story/article points out - is Google making forays into all the available sectors just for the heck of it, without caring for the excellance in each of the services that they are providing thus far?? Google News came out of the Beta version just months back(after a 'brief' testing period of around 3 years ) ; Gmail is still in Beta. We saw Google trends being launched last week and today i see Google Notebook . This is similar to Microsoft's OneNote, but with a cleaner and 'WIP' interface.

As always, Google Notebook , though still in its infancy has lots of features that are yet to be implemented; we are prompted with a WIP page on some of the features that are yet to be completed.

Try this out in IE: Login to Gmail and click on the "New Features" hyperlink on the top-tight corner of the page.That will lead you to this page. Now, did that work in IE??? Try the same in Mozilla's Firefox -- ?????? Google wake up!

A prudent customer would never settle for an uncompleted(beta) product - though he may use just for the heck of it , if that is offered freely.

I see lots of bloggers blogging about Google Trends and how intelligent it is; but at the same time we fail to see the other pothholes that Google is offering to its 'customers'. I have been a fanatic of Google since 2000, but it's 'Dalmatian-Service' does bother me.

Now on a slighlty different note..We have seen Google News being offered based on the demography of the customer (i.e., country-based)...i was contemplating on Google offering its new services on similar lines....It has already made inraods into radio-advertising in the USofA; I was thinking about Google offering Kiosks in India. (Kiosks in this context are touch based simple screens ,which will take inputs from the user and present results accordingly).These kiosks will be strategically located all across the country and will offer its 'services' to its custmers free-of-cost.
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