May 19, 2006


I was very much sceptical about spending around 140 INR for the movie "Munich" at Europa Class in PVR Cinemas(The Forum, Bangalore) ; i convinced myself that its not worth it and went for a movie called "Underground evolution" - a gory movie which mainly portrays the war between lycans and vampires. Though initially i thought the plot to be a little different, but the mundaness was something thats to be abhorred. (I had spent 110 INR for the tkt for this movie).

A week later i went for Munich (tkt = 80 INR , @ the same theatre) . I was totally awestruck - a SUPERB movie with an excellant story line and simply great screenplay and direction. Speilberg at his best , Eric Bana playing the role of a Mossad agent (though he wasnt one, actually) who leads a team of 4 to kill all those involved in the Black September attack on Israeli Atheletes during the 1954 Munich Olympics. The movie portrays how the assasinations/murders carried out by the Mossad Agents (after the Black September attack) takes the toll on themselves and affects their psychology. [ for more - go & see the movie ]

I wouldnt dare to review this movie , but would highly appreciate any serious cinema goer to go for this classic and satisfy his hunger for a 'good-movie' , that has been unsatiated for quite some time.
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