October 06, 2006

Code Searches

Yesterday Google launched its new product : CodeSearch.

Although this has generated lots of enthusiasm and interest in the developer (Ctrl+C/V) community, but still there exists a similar site which provides almost equivalent services.
This product is : Krugle

I had stumbled across this site 3-4 weeks back and was impressed with their work; at the same time i was very much sure that Google must be working on a similar product(to keep churning out new products in the 'Search-Space')

+ves of Krugle
** Good Ajax, coupled with good performance

** Sleek interface

** "Related Results" Field - eventhough this is still displays very-very restricted number of sponsored links, yet it looks good

** The prescence of a drop-down at the top navigation bar that lists down the languages in which the user wants to search/ Though this feature is also present in Google's CodeSearch - but is still similar to a GoogleHack wherein the programmer has to key in the search phrase like
"lang:lisp xml lang:"c++" sprintf.*%s" to search

Google CodeSearch Features
** Google's 'proprietary' simple page

** Lots of google hacks to be used

** Adv Search has to be used to utilize advanced code-search features

** Potential Ads in the search-result page.

Both the services are devoid of any Ads as of now, but as the news article states we can expect some ads to be placed in the CodeSearch once it has been received well.Krugle's placement of 'Sponsored Links' in its result list is quite promising and also is user friendly.
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