October 16, 2006

IIMB - Vista 06

After a good party on thursday night(nice Scotch!) and a good cutural fest on friday evening and a fantabulous evening on Saturday(Dandiya+DJ night), i was physically exhausted. My back was aching badly after the Dandiya night(inspite of the hot water bath and nice sleep). As i was just thinking about Sunday, VISTA-06 flashed across my ignominious brain! Myself and my roomie planned that its gonna be some mental exhaustion now - and we decided that we would go for IIMB-Vista 06(a B-School event) and participate in the Business Quiz(Bizzarre).

We reached the campus at around 2pm on Sunday and registered for the quiz - i was happpy to see the 'usual' teams again over here! Sethu appeared from nowhere and we quickly formed a team and registered. After waiting for sometime, the quiz started at 3:30pm(prelims) - a quick written round with typical Derek O'Brien questions!

After the prelims , we headed towards the audi to witness the event baptised as 'Numero Uno' - this was supposedly to be the hunt for the next CEO! I was quite curious to see 'potential CEOs' and how they performed. However, it was again a sordid tale - 5 finalists - and only one(an ex-army major with 17years of work-ex) was quite enthusiastic and charismatic. It was a hands-down victory for the Major.All the others were school kids in fron of him - just hurling management jargons :)

After that loitered around the campus for sometime and by 7pm, the quiz started - the finalists were anounced - i was happy to see the standard teams qualifying - inspite of the fact that we missed it by a whisker :(

Derek gave out the answers for the prelims and 'your truly' was fortunate enough to get an audience prize for answering the expansion of YSM (its a service launched by Yahoo in India - Yahoo Search Marketing). After that the regular rounds followed, with 'yours truly' answering many Qs .There was this Q on the language 'Qwechua' -- as in its claim to fame! none of the finalists could answer it ..and 'yours truly' again showed his 'cheap brilliance' here and answered the Q - Derek called me on stage gave me some prizes...a huge applause followed...

At the end of the day - i was still a loser - another quiz failed to qualify and sitting among the audience and winning some prizes - though the 'knowledge' factor was present, but the fun of being on stage as a 'finalist' is different!

Hope i make it soon to the podium ! Amen!
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