February 28, 2006

Being Red

The concept/color of Red is mostly associated with passion and anger; something that symbolizes a revolution -- a burning desire to bring a change to an existing system. This desire is to be brought about at any cost.

In India , Red is mostly associated with Communists...think of the color red and you will find the faces of Sitaram Yetchuri...Namboodripad....Somnath chatterjee etc flashing across you; the red flags flying in the auto/bus stands, labour unions, marches etc. Whereever there is a march/procession happening, you will either find Arundhati Roy or the Red Communist flag. Arent we saturated with the un-inhibted protests that keep happening against any Govt's initiative/policy? Be it on the Iran's vote w.r.t IAEA or any casein the remotest part of the country.

What does the average Indian think about Communism? How does being Marxist-Lenitist affect him? What do protests mean? Why do communists need to create ballyhoos for any govt Policy involving a reform? more Qs..and still more Qs...

I happened to visit Shiv's post on the Indian Commies. Intriguing post that talks and makes you think.
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