February 22, 2006

IIM Lucknow GD/PI Experience

Today, I had my GD/PI for Admissions to the PGP in Managaement at IIM Lucknow. The GD/PI session was scheduled for 10:00 am at IIM Bangalore campus.Had reached the venue by around 8:30 am and waiting for the 'phenomenon' to start. Things were at a dismal low the previous night as I was not so much passionate about the actual ROI w.r.t this programme.But still, managed to get up early in the morning and 'power-groomed' myself.

GD Topic: "I have hardly met a mathematician who was good at reasoning." We were asked to write a 150 word essay on the topic before the Gd started - the time allotted for this was 10 mins. Then the GD lasted approx 15mins.

The GD went on fine and there was no 'fish-market' kind of a scenario.The group consisted of 10 enthusiastic memebers out of which 2 did not bother to speak much. Hoever, others were equally assertive and there were some great points on the table.Someone spoke about the actual 'Reasoning' consisting of Induction and Deduction, there were also thoughts on Adam Smith's and Nash's theories and how relevant they were to real world applications and whether these along with other mathematicians really lack the 'reasoning power'.I spoke for around 5-6 times.

Then it was the turn for the PI and MYSELF (THEE) ;-) was the first to enter . PI was equally great and had fun with a great panel. Things lasted for almost 15-20 mins and was damn satisfied with my performance at EOD.

The Actual Conversation/Interview:
P1, P2 and Me.

P1 : Marksheets plz.
Me : yes Sir...(hand over my 3 files: one containing Marksheets , 1 containing Ceritifcates extra currics and the other containing a bplan)
P2 : Bplan..wats that abt....tell me more abt it..[went on for 8 mins]
Me : Expalined!
P1: Give me 3 reasons y we should select you
Me : gave 3 reasons -Crapped royally ;-) [went on for 2mins]
[Panel smiles]
P1: What is a turing Machine?[went on for 2 mins]
Me :[ I speak abt Turing Test and Turing Medal]
P1: I am asing abt turing Machine and not turing Test...u r getting confused
Me: [accept it and then explain Turing Model]
[Some more Qs w.r.t Turing's M/c etc etc..]
P1 and P2 : [ some Qs on my work-ex related stuff] [went on for 6mins]
P2 :[ some Qs w.r.t Resource Mgmt tech - my Sixth sem paper.Wants a real world ex of Simplex prog]
Me: [gives the ex and explains][went on for 2mins]
[P1 pokes p2 and tells him that timesup and wants to stop Qing...but P2 continues...for arnd 2 mins..and I keep answering]
P1 and P2 : thanks..you may leave now
Me : Thanks.

Hi IIML , I should be there this June If I dont convert IIMB ;-)
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