February 25, 2006

summa...samm...sammm....samm...sammaram pannuven

What more can I say....This fellow simply rocks.My rendezvous with Simbu -- in the form of 'Saravana'. I had seen his previous movie 'Manmadhan' and was quite impressed by this young lad.His 'over'-acting provides wholesome entertainment and can pep you up from an otherwise sober mood.His dialogue-delivery and the way he carries himself on screen has no equivalent.He continues to abide by his father's (TR's) footsteps and continues to refer to his famous dialogues and style.

Jyotika's role in the movie is next to zero , but still she manages to captivate the lad and has a decent role in the movie.I did not find the songs sequences to be that attractive and enthralling.The way he iterates "summa...samm...sammm....samm...sammaram pannuven" (around 4-5 times) is pretty stylish and is also different(as it carries Simbu's distinctive copyright).

This movie has all the ingredients of a good 'masala'-movie ; and I am sure that you will not leave the hall with a heavy heart(and brain) after watching it.

Though Rajni and Kamal still rule, but Simbu has a carved his own niche in Tollywood and I am sure he will continue to provide some 'simbacular' movies ;-) The way he has graduated from being a child star(in his dad's otherwise flop movies) to a budding super-star is worth a praise.

PS : am i becoming Simbu's fan.....nah!!
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