March 04, 2006

My Rendezvous with Bangalore Roads

Yesterday was the first time that i hit the B'lore roads in a bike(Honda Activa).Due credits should be given to one of my colleagues who happened to leave for vacation and wanted me to 'take' of the bike. Hence, I was thrust upon the responsibility of taking 'care' of the bike.As always with great powers, comes great responsibilities - and i did take care of the bike by taking it out on a 23+km ride.

I had to attend the ET Brand Equity Quiz at 6pm and had to go from Dairy Circle to Chowdaiah Hall(near Sankey Road). I got a flavour of how 'bad'the roads are.My pillion rider(Punit) was my navigator , as I was totally illiterate about the maze-of-roads in Bangalore. I must say the roads are 'decorated' with pothholes and bumps. You hit upon unexpected speed-breakers and hitler's trenches(yet to fing the bunkers).There was a particular speed-breaker that had a 'trench' in it.Punit got a big-shot in his ass :-).But, not all roads are bad - a particular stretch near MG road is good; but i feel due to the prescence of the army cantonment near by and the other offices, the Govt cant afford to ignore its state.(I miss chennai roads[esp ECR] and the beasant nagar beach like hell)

I was totally flabbergasted on my return 'journey'. The roads were completely different and i could hardly understand the topography of the region.The funda behind 'One-ways' amuses me a lot.

I do not have a digi-cam or a cam in my phone, or else i would have photo-blogged this experience.

I am quite optimistic about the new Govt's policies and am looking forward to a better looking Bangalore with much better roads.

Aptly, Bangalore : Beware - "Dangerous Curves Ahead" (no pun intended)!
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