March 12, 2006

Mental Borborygmi - Is it the Air that I breathe?

It was one of those mornings again.....i woke up to see myself sleeping again.

The usual Qs kept hovering in my mind, trying to titillate me and sometimes make me go deep into the uncharted waters of human emotions and associated reactions.

What am I doing? Am I doing something that I shouldnt be doing? Am i doing justice to myself and to what I have learnt? Am I following the herd? WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?? more Qs...and still more Qs...

I was speaking about these to my pal Shravan about a couple of days back; whether are we really following our dreams or are we succumbing to external pressures and constraints.Is it necessary that people who have left their mark in History necessary be outlaws - out of the heard - revolutionaries? cant a common-man do something really simple and get accolades? Is the world too busy with appreciating wierd and idiosyncratic behaviours that it fails to admire and appreciate the nitty-gritties of life?"

He replied back saying that "this is the Matrix dud- enter it". But is this really the Matrix and is it really getting me in? Am i ready to enter the Real World? Am I presently in the Real World? Where is the Matrix?

I do want to make the keys; to open the locked and dusty rooms - to make myself free.

When i am blogging this , my pal shravan pings me this Q:
Shravan : what does an dyslexic agnostic and insomniac always do?
Shravan : he stays up all night, worrying about whether there really is a dog :-)
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