March 11, 2006


I could see the blood oozing from his eyes...slowly trickling along his cheeks and dripping on the marble floor. [ I could see the red-blood flowing as if , it was trying to give moksha to all the beings along its course - as if this was the great Ganges invoked by the King Bhagirat, flowing down from Gangotri...all the way through and bisecting India and finally merging with the bay-of-Bengal becoming Padma! ] There was the the .3mm pistol and the kalashnikov lying to the right of him, on the bench. An unopened-sealed TIME magazine dating back to the Feb-1980s was to his left , on the floor. There was general Pinochet's potrait hanging on the wall to the right of him - the potrait was beautifully studded with Indian Gems and diamonds.
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