December 25, 2010

Facebook Features for 2011

Facebook has been one of the biggest happenings on the web which caters to audience of all age groups. Though Facebook will continue to innovate and launch new features, along with fine tuning their software infrastructure, i would expect(kinda predict) the following features for 2011 :
  •   Automatic tagging of pictures - face recognition
  •   A better friends recommendation system
  •   Sentiment analysis of status updates - show a suitable emoticon based on sentiment
  •   Event recommendations - from what people in your network have been attending
  •   Smarter text input system - some form of auto-complete feature?
  •   "Interesting" factor - for eg. pictures (and hence compete with Flickr Explored)
  •   Marketplace - compete directly with eBay and gain some market share
  •   Messages - can this overtake GMail? (i am not sure; dont think so too )
  •   A good RSS feed aggregator/reader
  •   Some more tweaks to the profile page
  •   Better games 
  •   Location based apps
  •   Some integration with the Enterprise?
  •   Tackle Privacy concerns that comes as part of capturing user content
I would expect a couple of distruptive changes too, which makes Facebook a 'clear' leader in social networking.
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