December 18, 2010

Mozilla Open Data Visualization Entry-2

This is my second entry to the Mozilla Open Data Visualization competition. You can find my earlier entry here.

This Entry tries to analyse how people spend time on the Web. In this entry too, i have tried to analyse on four fronts. [But these are generic compared to my previous entry - i.e, my previous entry was more w.r.t users and their relationship with Firefox; whereas this Entry is mainly related to the user's general behavior - which were obtained from the Firefox Survey. Nevertheless, this analysis does give some insights into various facets of user-web interaction]

1) Does the knowledge of Computer or the Web affect the way users visit various websites?

2) How do people come to know about the latest computer technology and trends?

3) What is the phone ownership pattern of the users who own a smartphone?

4) On what kind of websites do people spend their time?

[I have deliberately avoided explaining the interpretations and understandings - as I believe that the numbers speak for themselves. However, any doubts in the charts can be explained]

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