December 19, 2010

Mozilla Open Data Visualization Entry-3

This is my 3rd Entry to the Mozilla Open Data Visualization Competition.
My 1st entry can be found here.
My 2nd entry can be found here.

In this entry , I have to tried to analyse how the age factor affects the usage of three of the features in Firefox 4, namely - Keyboard Shortcuts, Search and the new feature - Panorama. For this analysis, i used the small dataset from "Firefox 4 Beta Interface - Version 2". The following chart presents the data grouped as per the feature and shows the % usage of different age groups.

Also, I have presented the top 3 often used keyboard shortcuts that are used by different age groups. In this, i have preferred a tabular layout, as i feel that data of this nature is best visualized using a tabular format(it is not necessary that every visualization needs to be presented
in some bar or pie chart :)).

The analysis does find that 18-25 and 26-35 age groups are the maximum adopters of the Panorama, Search and Keyboard shortcuts.

Also, it is observed that 'new tab', back', and 'find' are widely used by the younger audience. The usage of the 'back' and 'new tab' keyboard shortcuts drops as the age of the audience increases.
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