December 17, 2010

India ZIPScribble Maps

And it so happens that i managed to get a handle on all the zip codes in India and their corresponding longitudes-latitudes. This is what you get when you connect all the zipcodes in India :

And then when you order the long-lat pairs :

The next in this series is going to be :
1) Calculate the total distance travelled when you connect all the zipcodes (from map#1).
2) Do a TSP(Travelling Salesman Problem) on the zipcodes (from #1 above) and plot the route. Calculate the distance.
3) Do #2 for each of the states. (this "can" be used when you are planning your travel)


Anonymous said...

a nitpick: they are pin codes not zip codes

Arulalan T said...

Really Great Man,

Nice thought and nice India map along with zip/pin codes and lat-lon co-ords.


Jason Sundram said...

Very cool idea. I think it would be interesting to make a bar chart showing the width of India via pin/zip codes.

You could do it vertically from North to South, and left-align all the bars. There would be a couple of anomalous long bars corresponding to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which might be interesting ...